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Askern Pool League

Wow! Well I never thought I'd see the day when a few of our best players get 7-balled, not once, not twice,but 3 times in one night!! 😳😔🤦

John lost his singles, Del Marx was unlucky not to pot the black, and he left it hanging over the pocket.

Rob was late coming over due to playing squash earlier, but made it with loads of time. He was the last singles. He won with a great shot on the black.

Up next, 3 lots of doubles; 2 normal doubles and 1 scotch doubles.

John and Mark were first up, that was the 2nd 7-ball clearance!

Then it was a new pairing in Adam Holbrey and Sarah Jepson, a huge learning experience for both players, but they held their own and took it to the wire with only the black ball left to pot, Adam had a difficult angle on the black, and with the white at the other end of the table and tight up to the cushion, it was a shot too far for the new pairing, but well plawell play to both of them.

Last up were Tony and Rob, and yes, it was the 3rd 7-ball clearance of the night to give the Royal Hotel the overall win of 6-3.

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